The following food safety and supply chain security certifications are held by Expo Fresh and our grower suppliers:

“At Expo Fresh, our commitment to food safety is an integral part of our philosophy”

Food Safety and Supply Chain Security have been at the center of discussion in the produce business. Expo Fresh is working closely with its growers to be leaders in food safety and supply chain security procedures.

“Expo Fresh is aware of consumer concern about safe products”

Beginning in the fields, all the way to final shipment, every effort is taken to ensure that a safe product is delivered into the hands of the customer. Expo Fresh brand products are the epitome of consistency and taste.

As a part of Expo Fresh commitment to the highest standards of food safety, internal and third-party audits are constantly performed. Employees are also constantly trained to ensure food safety is an integral part of our company culture.

Rainforest Alliance Certified

“EXPO FRESH is proud to be Rainforest Alliance Certified”

The Rainforest Alliance is an international, not for profit sustainable development organization that works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods for grower communities. The Rainforest Alliance Certified TM seal lets you know you’re buying a product that has been grown on a sustainably managed farm. Farms that meet the comprehensive criteria of the Sustainable Agriculture Network earn the right to use the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal.

Rainforest Alliance Certified means:

  • Less water pollution as all sources of contamination are controlled (pesticides and fertilizers, sediment, wastewaters garbage, fuels and so on) are controlled.
  • Less soil erosion as farms implement soil conservation practices such as planting on contours and maintaining ground cover.
  • Reduced threats to the environment and human health as the most dangerous pesticides are prohibited, all agrochemical use is strictly regulated, farmers must use mechanical and biological pest controls where possible and strive to reduce both the toxicity and quantity of chemicals used.
  • Wildlife habitat is protected as deforestation is stopped, the banks of rivers are protected with buffer zones, critical ecosystems such as wetlands are protected and forest patches on farms are preserved.
  • Less waste as farm by-products such as banana stems, coffee pulp, orange peels and un-marketable foliage are composted recycled where possible.
  • Less water is used as water conservation measures are applied in washing and packing stations, housing areas and irrigation.
  • More efficient farm management as the certification program helps farmers organize, plan, schedule improvements implement better practices, identify problems and monitor progress.
  • Improved conditions for farm workers who are getting fair wages, decent housing, clean drinking water, sanitary facilities and a safe and wholesome work area. Workers and their families have access to schools, health care, transportation and training.
  • Improved profitability and competitiveness for farmers who have increased production, improved quality, reduced worker complaints and increased worker efficiency. The Rainforest Alliance Certified seal of approval give the farmers more leverage at the time of sale, product differentiation, premium prices and improved access to credit.
  • More collaboration between farmers and conservationists – parks alone cannot save the world’s biodiversity; we have to ensure that wild flora and fauna find refuge outside of protected areas. Because farmers control the fate of so much land and so many critical habitats, their ideas and will participation are essential to any local or regional conservation strategy.

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On Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms, children are not permitted to work — even part time —
if they are younger than 15 years old.

Primus Labs

Aware of consumer concern about safe products, Expo Fresh employs independent third-party agencies to verify our adherence to strict standards, in addition to internal audits. All the fields are certified by Primus Laboratories of Santa Maria California.

Primus Labs is a global leader in food safety and has been servicing the fresh produce industry for more than two decades. They offer complete testing capabilities for the detection of pathogens and indicator organisms which may be responsible for food safety and quality issues. Primus Labs utilizes internationally recognized audits PGFS, G.A.P, GMP, NOP and other audit program. Primus employs approved methodologies for its microbiological and Pesticide Residue Analyses.

Expo Fresh is PRIMUS GFS certified

Primus GFS is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked and fully recognized audit system covering both Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), as well as Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS). The approval of Primus GFS helps move the produce industry one step closer to the desired goal of global food safety. Primus GFS covers the entire supply chain from pre-and post- farm gate production and provides an integrated supply chain approach.

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Expo Fresh grower’s fields and facilities have been or are in the process of being evaluated by Mexico’s agency for National Health Service, Food Safety and Quality (SENASICA), which is part of the Mexican Department of Agriculture.

Aware of the importance to complying with regulations for food safety with FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act), SENASICA evaluates the performance of the System Contamination Risk Reduction (SRRC) in the production of primary food, through the implementation of measures and procedures that ensure during the production process that produce is farmed under optimal health conditions reducing physical, chemical and biological pollution.

In order to obtain this recognition by SENASICA, the following is required:

  • Implementation of a Food Safety Hazard System.
  • Visits to Facility every two years.
  • G.A.P. and GMP manual including pesticides programs.
  • Internal Audit every year.

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Global G.A.P.


“GLOBAL G.A.P. is the First Choice in Farm Assurance Worldwide”

Expo Fresh grower, operates according to the food safety protocols outline in the universal GLOBAL G.A.P. standards. Today is the world's leading farm assurance program, translating consumer requirements into Good Agricultural Practice in a rapidly growing list of countries – currently more than 100.

G.A.P. stands for Good Agricultural Practice, and GLOBAL G.A.P. is the worldwide standards organization that assures it.

GLOBAL G.A.P. is an organization with a crucial objective: safe, sustainable agriculture and aquaculture worldwide.

Globally connect farmers/brand owners in the production/marketing of safe food to provide re-assurance for consumers.


  • Globally connect farmers/brand owners in the production/marketing of safe food to provide re-assurance for consumers.
  • Create a single standards system that identifies safe production methods, responsible use of resources, and the welfare of employees and animals.
  • Implement Good Agricultural Practice worldwide to lay the foundation for the protection of scarce resources with a promise for a sustainable future.


  • Safe and sustainable food produced by passionate farmers for consumers all over the world.
“GLOBALG.A.P. is the most widely accepted private sector food safety certification in the world.”

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Expo Fresh is a validated and certified C-TPAT Company. The Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) is a voluntary supply chain security program led by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The program is focused on improving the security of Companies’ supply chains with respect to terrorism. Certified and Validated C-TPAT Companies must have a documented process for determining the risk throughout their international supply chain. CTPAT certification allows companies to be considered low risk, resulting in expedited processing of cargo.

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