In coordination with Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), Expo Fresh growers collaborate with medical groups that provide free basic care such as:

  • Inmunization Campaigns.
  • Cervical and Breast Cancer Prevention Campaigns.
  • Eye Health Campaigns among employees. Growers provide loan programs to abtain eyeglasses.


Expo Fresh commitment to local community is demonstrated by their contributions to schools and Federal Government. In coordination with Federal Government Agencies such as CONEFE (National Council for Education Development) and local schools, Expo Fresh growers have been supporting the construction, equipment and maintenance of classrooms. Throughout the year, employees dedicate their time and energy to support and organize festivals and events in schools.

We believe that together, we can use our scale to make a positive change in the local community. To extend our reach and impact, our growers are committed to helping employee’s families by scholarships for high school and university.

Social Programs

Migrant Child Project

In coordination with State Government of Baja California, Expo Fresh growers are committeed to help local communities endure and thrive
in service projects such us MIGRANT CHILD PROJECT.
Expo Fresh growers are proud to have the opportunity to contribute with the project focusing on:

  • Construction and equipment schools.
  • Water supply, sewer and electrification.
  • Scholarships to the migrant children of the community from first year up to high school.
  • Financial support for training events for children and teachers.
  • Collaboration and support for the organization of educational and sports events in the community.

SEDESOL (Secretaria de Desarrollo Social)

SEDESOL program is the Federal government's answer for supporting migrant desire of improving their hometowns through
the development of community social and productive projects.

Expo Fresh growers have been working in collaboration with the institution, helping to organize people from the community in order to receive
the benefits of the program such as: school breakfasts, scholarships and financial support for migrants in transit.

We are also proud of our grower’s participation in the construction and equipment of a local day care and classrooms
in the community in participation with the SEDESOL.

For more information visit:

Community Social Service Projects

In addition to education and health suppot, our growers also support communities through:

  • Drilling well to obtain water.
  • Communications and road repairs.
  • Detection, referral and follow up cases of domestic violence incidents.
  • Help and guidance to single mothers.
  • Financial Support to families in case of death.

Holiday Groceries Delivery



With the help of partners, over 2,700 employees receive every year a much needed basic food package for holiday cheer!

2015 Christmas Posada

With the help of partners, employees and suppliers, our children's employees received more than 1,500 gifts!
They enjoyed a magical day at the grower's facilities with music, food gifts and lots of fun!

Mexican Independence Day

2015 Sport Event

And behind sporting event are volunteers who help make them happen!!!


The following social programs certifications are held by Expo Fresh growers:

Expo Fresh grower, SAN VICENTE CAMALU SPR DE RL, received the recognition as the “2014 SOCIAL RESPONSIBLE COMPANY” by The Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) and the Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility (Alia RSE) which made public the list of companies that successfully met the standards established in the strategic corporate social responsibility areas. The institutions recognize the efforts of each Company that voluntarily commits to implementing socially responsibility and continuous improvement as part of their culture and management business strategy.

To see the list of companies that obtained the ESR 2014, please visit:

Family Responsible Company

A family-responsible company is one that according to Model of Appreciation to Family-Responsible Companies proves being a promoter of good working practices in matters of gender equality, prevention and combat to workplace violence and sexual harassment, as well as actions and policies to encourage workers to meet their family responsibilities.

Agricultural Company Free of Child Labor

The distinctive of the Agricultural Company Free of Child Labor aims to promote in Mexican agricultural companies the adoption of good labor practices, to avoid systematically and permanently the use of child labor in the areas and internal processes, both production and distribution , marketing and service.

It is a management model and organization that allows these agricultural companies that hire workers to incorporate measures for not hiring child labor, have rules, guidelines and criteria for the implementation of actions in favor of the workers and their families and demonstrate compliance with laws, rules, regulations, quality standards and outstanding social responsibility.

¿What does it mean being an Agricultural Company free of Child Labor?

  • Be an example of responsibility towards other agricultural companies.
  • Commit permanently in improving programs and increasing the quality of life of children and children of temporary workers.
  • To promote and encourage within the sector the need to implement responsible actions for minors.
  • Be participatory leaders on issues related to the prohibition of child labor, quality of life of the workers´ families, pay attention to social and cultural problems of the field.
  • Demonstrate with facts the actions carried out for not hiring child labor, to have a responsible trade and promote a better life quality for the children.